No to 3rd prison at Ulnes Walton

Fighting to stop a 3rd Prison on the site of HMP Garth & MHP Wymott

The proposals have been rejected by the local council, rejected by my residents survvey and are rejected by me. We cannot have thousand of new car journeys with no viable public transport alternative and no road improvements. 

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Local residents and community groups who have raised concerns about the proposal for the construction of a third prison in Ulnes Walton.

The Minister of Justice has applied to build a new prison on the land adjacent to HMP Garth and HMP Wymott (PR26 8NH). The details of the proposal can be found here:

The proposal was rejected by Chorley Council planning committee in December 2021 and an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate has since been launched by the Ministry of Justice. I plan to submit both your views to the Planning Inspectorate before the submission deadline of 09/05/2022.

With your help, we can ensure that this issue is properly assessed and addressed. This survey is not subject to a formal deadline, but I would be grateful if it could reach me by 6th May.  

Ulnes Walton Prison Survey

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