My Plan


  • Securing our flood defences

    Millions have been invested in flood defences across South Ribble, like the recent £15.8m works on the River Ribble around Penwortham. But there’s always more to do. From Banks, to Penwortham, to Croston, Katherine will continue work to make sure our flood defences get the funding they need.

  • Improving transport links

    The best way to improve our roads is to make it easier for people to get out of their cars. So Katherine will support new infrastructure- like the Burscough Curves rail link and Green Lane Link to relieve pressure at Tarleton lights.

  • Supporting local jobs and businesses

    South Ribble is a great place to do business. As an MP, I will campaign for better broadband, roads infrastructure and lower rates to bring jobs to our area and support exporters.

  • Fighting for green spaces and nature

    Katherine has a passion for nature. She will work with the farming community and rural groups to protect our natural landscape in South Ribble for wildlife and local people alike.

  • Championing our NHS

    Katherine will work with residents to guarantee access to reliable Accident & Emergency services for all South Ribble residents.

  • Tackling Crime and Antisocial Behaviour

    Lancashire Constabulary are trained here in South Ribble at Hutton. With 20,000 new police officers being delivered by the Government, Katherine will make sure our community gets our fair share on the beat. Katherine will regularly meet with our local police to understand what’s happening.