Community Survey 2024


I always want to hear from South Ribble's people, be they in West Lancs Borough Council area, Chorley or South Ribble council. 

You can always email in to me for specific help on but please do consider telling me your broader priorities here too. 


Community Survey 2024 - Tell me your priorities!

  • Current Local Issues
  • National Matters
  • Get involved
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1.2. Which THREE of these local issues do you think should be prioritised by the Council?
1.3. Have you witnessed or experienced any crime or antisocial behaviour locally?
1.4. The Government has hired 612 extra police officers across Lancashire - what TWO issues would you like our additional local officers to focus on?
1.5. I'm working closely with Police Commissioner Andrew Snowden to deliver for our area: most recently by reopening Leyland police station. Which of Andrew's policies do you think will make the most difference locally?