Entrepreneur Awards Submissions (Octopus Springboard)

Thank you for wanting to nominate a stellar business for the Entrepreneur Awards, supported by Octopus Springboard—a new initiative aimed at helping people become fully-fledged entrepreneurs.

It has always been my view that the people who create jobs for Great Britain should be celebrated and cheered to the rafters!

This award is for those who made the most of these incredibly challenging times by:

  • starting a business; 
  • innovating to ensure that their current business thrives; or
  • supporting their staff and local community.

Is this your business? If so, well done for putting you and your team forward!

It could be a competitor you admire. Have you been inspired by their amazing work?

Or, a business who has really impressed you personally.

There are a number of categories, from growth, to innovation, to community spirit. You can find out more information about the Entrepreneur Awards by clicking here.

To make sure we can judge the awards fairly, we are asking for a little detail on who the nominees are and why you are nominating them.

You have until 5th March 2021 to submit your nominations. The result will be announced by Octopus, Springboard soon after. 

The winners will be chosen by a panel of politicians and entrepreneurs, including:

  • Shadow Employment Minister Seema Malhotra MP,
  • Katherine Fletcher MP and Andy Carter MP—who both started their own businesses before entering Parliament,
  • Karen Taylor, Founder of Parent Cloud, and
  • Octopus founder Chris Hulatt.

As a setup sponsor and a judge of the national awards, I will of course be impartial.

But I must admit, it would be lovely to see a Lancashire-based business succeed!

Nominate a business here: