Securing our flood defences

Millions have been invested in flood defences across South Ribble, like the recent £40m works on the River Ribble around Penwortham. But there’s always more to do. From Banks, to Penwortham, to Croston, Katherine will continue work to make sure our flood defences get the funding they need.

Let me know YOUR views on flood defences.

Works are well underway to install new flood defences along the River Ribble, helping to protect Penwortham and Preston from floods. I've met with the Environment Agency on a few occasions to hear from them about how works are progressing, but I would also love to hear from you about the situation and any impact they're having on your community.

Flood Defences Survey 2023

  • Current Your views on flood defences
  • About you and your views
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1. Has your property been impacted by flooding in the past:
2. How long have you lived in your property?
3. Do you feel that the flood risk in the community has increased or decreased since you moved into the area?
4. Has the environment agency ever contacted you about their plans to tackle local flooding?
5. How satisfied are you with the local authority’s approach to the issue of local flooding?